Seriously secure solutions

As single units or components of an extensive security system, you can trust our products to deliver on the promise of quality, durability, and serviceability.


Farmyard Security Systems

PTZ Cameras

PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras provide round-the-clock video surveillance for agricultural and commercial properties. With low-light technology, PTZ cameras deliver colourful, high-resolution images in a wide range of light conditions. A PTZ cam can be automatic or remotely controlled. One camera provides more square-foot coverage with fewer cameras.

Farmyard Security Systems

Driveway Alarms

Wireless vehicle sensors help secure your farm or commercial property by alerting you to vehicles entering and exiting a driveway. The alarms can work up to several miles away and offer options that detect people and vehicles.


Livestock Monitors

Livestock monitoring cameras offer a wide range of real-time benefits to farmers, including fewer trips to the barn to check on the animals and the ability to check on newborns to ensure they're eating. The cams also offer more freedom to leave the farm because you can continue monitoring the cattle from your cell phone.

Implement Cameras

An implement camera is indispensable for hard-working, safety-minded machine operators. For instance, a cam installed inside an air seeder can monitor tank levels. An auger-mounted cam mounted allows for single-person viewing. Rear-facing cams assist operators with backing up or travelling on roads.


Trail Cameras

Cellular trail cameras are ideal for remote installations where the internet is unavailable, and you still want to see what's happening via a cell phone or computer. Cams can also be outfitted with solar panels to monitor areas without electricity or the internet.

Cell Phone Boosters

A cell phone booster provides more security and life choices for rural customers. If you live or work where cell service is poor, a booster can help you run your business, and if you're a remote learner, a strong signal will help you achieve success. Above all, a booster at home or in your vehicle provides another level of safety.


Wi-Fi Antennas

With a Wi-Fi antenna, you can route the internet to your shop or barn from your house without having to pay additional monthly fees. You'll also save on cellular data by using Wi-Fi where you usually wouldn't be able to. And because more and more equipment requires internet connectivity, a high-powered Wi-Fi antenna provides that service.